We are a family business committed to health and education. We are interested to raising happy kids, we are parents and we know how important is this, and we think that Yoga for kids can be work with them.

Yoga is a non-competitive practice that helps strengthen self-esteem and self-control, both are fundamental to build the children’s character. YogaKids makes the kids connects to themself, develop coordination, flexibility and balance but also self-confidence and personal growth.

The poses are adapted running more fun and active way. Both adults and children, none is out of practice all will enjoy each pose.  Let yourself be attracted to the world of yoga and share this experience with your kids.

Thank you from Sanse BoulevardWe have developed this apps helped by health experts, teachers, physical education teachers, yoga experts and great children, and we are very grateful to them by their absolutely selfless collaboration.

We have put all our effort, patience and love in these apps and we hope that we will be able to help children and parents.