Children can imitate, feel and experiment with different poses in an interactive, fun and imaginative way. This is not a book. It´s fully-focused on practical insight. It´s full of color, music and joy where Kids can get involved from the beginning.

The app provides a wide selection of yoga poses, WHERE ALL POSES ARE MOVED. They are adapted to the child’s world with the support of health, teaching and physical education experts and of course… children themselves.

In an intuitive way, children can control the audio, sound, movement, speed and imaginative cloud buttons.

It contains different routes: Jungle, Countryside, Beach, Friends, and Luck. You can also select any of the thirty-nine (– 39 –) poses independently.

The “cloud” button is appeared in poses that invite you to relax. We are moved to 4 different landscapes where children can control the “flight” of their new friends.

You can see our video in youtube:

YogaKids. Ipad, iPhone and TV

Yogakids apps. Ipad, Iphone and TV.


Relax in YogaKids

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“Dive deep into the yoga-kids’s world and provides a healthier lifestyle for your kids”

If you have iphone you can buy : “Yogakids in your pocket”:

Safe for your kids:
– No Sanskrit / Religious
– No Banners / Ads.
– No Internet connection
– No in-app purchases.